Backstage XXL

26./27.7.2010 Backstage, Essen

Cast: Patrick Stanke, Willemijn Verkaik, Michael Eisenburger Special Guest


23.01.2011 Backstage Highlights of a concert Essen (WAV & MP3)

Cast: Willemijn Verkaik special guests Phillipe Ducloux and Anton Zetterholm

The audio isn't very good


26.09.2011 Backstage XXL Essen

Aus dem 'Lukas' im alten Bahnhof Essen-Kupferdreh. Komplettes Konzert. Ca. 2 Stunden.

Cast: Drew Sarich.


Back to Berlin

10.05.2014 Back to Berlin - Highlights

Cast: Ivan Ozhogin


10.05.2014 Back to Berlin Proshot

Cast: Ivan Ozhogin



19.11.2004 Barbarella Wien (VOB)

Cast: Eva Marold, Mark Seibert, Kyrre Kvam, Martin Niedermaier, Siegmar Tonk, Ivar Helgason, Andreas Bieber


01.01.2005 Barbarella Wien Derniere (VOB)

Cast: Nina Proll (Barbarella), Eva Maria Marold (Die schwarze Koenigin), Mark Seibert (Pygar), Drew Sarich (Sun/Meister der Schluessel, Andreas Bieber (Victor), Siegmar Tonk (Duran)



02.12.2012 Bare

Cast: Jason Hite (Jason), Taylor Trensch (Peter), Elizabeth Judd (Ivy), Barrett Wilbert Weed (Nadia), Gerard Canonico (Matt), Missi Pyle (Sister Joan), Jerold E. Solomon (Father Mike), Alice Lee (Diane), Megan Lewis (u/s) Vanessa

19.12.2012 Bare Off-Broadway (MP4)

Cast: Jason Hite (Jason), Taylor Trensch (Peter), Elizabeth Judd (Ivy), Gerard Canonico (Matt), Barrett Wilbert Weed (Nadia), Jerold E. Solomon (Father Mike), Missi Pyle (Sister Joan), Casey Garvin (Zack), Ariana Groover (Vanessa), Sara Kapner (Madison), Alice Lee (Diane), Justin Gregory Lopez (Beto), Michael Tacconi (Nick),  Alex Wyse (Alan), Anthony Festa, Megan Lewis

super Qualität


14.09.2013 Bare Los Angeles

Cast: Payson Lewis, Jonah Platt, Lindsay Pearce, Katie Stevens, Stephanie Andersen, John Griffin, Nathan Parrett, Casey Hayden, Caitlin Ary, Reesha Ishiyama    


Barefoot at the Symphony

Barefoot at the Symphony Solo Concert

Cast: Idina Menzel


Bat Out of Hell

March 2017 Manchester Bat out of Hell
Cast: Andrew Polec (Strat), Christina Bennington (Raven), Rob Fowler (Falco), Sharon Sexton (Sloane), Dom Hartley-Harris (Jagwire), Danielle Steers (Zahara), Aran MacRae (Tink), Giovanni Spano (Ledoux), Patrick Sullivan (Blake)
Notes: Shot from the back of the theatre, no zooms. One of the two(?) videos of the Manchester run that exist.

Juli 2017 Bat Out of Hell: The Musical London
Cast: Andrew Polec (Strat), Christina Bennington (Raven), Rob Fowler (Falco), Sharon Sexton (Sloane), Aran MacRae (Tink), Danielle Steers (Zahara), Dom Hartley-Harris (Jagwire), Giovanni Spano (Ledoux).
Note: A strong capture of the full show, with wides, mediums, and closeups. There are no obstructions to the shot, apart from one head that occasionally gets in the way, but there is some wandering, a little spotlight washout (not too severe, however), and flickering at the 'floor lights'. Very stable footage which follows the action nicely. Plus, all the effects and stage tricks are included! Act Two is a little dark. Due to the acoustics of the London Coliseum, the audio is a tiny bit muffled.


August 2017 Bat out of Hell London
CAST: Strat (Benjamin Purkiss), Raven (Christina Bennington), Falco (Rob Fowler), Sloane (Sharon Sexton), Tink (Aran MacRae), Zahara (Danielle Steers), Jagwire (Dom Hartley-Harris), Ledoux (Olly Dobson)
NOTE: A lovely stable capture of the entire show. There are no zooms or close-ups, but it’s clear, with no spotlight washout or obstructions (a little wondering here and there). Very few blackouts (only during applause), but due to the staging, you can’t see Tink during ‘Not Allowed’. Car scene, falco pool scene and parts of the curtain call are included. The audio is a bit muffled, so quiet dialogue is a struggle to hear, but all songs sound great


August 2017 Bat out of Hell London
Cast: Benjamin Purkiss (alt Strat), Christina Bennington (Raven), Rob Fowler (Falco), Sharon Sexton (Sloane), Dom Hartley-Harris (Jagwire), Danielle Steers (Zahara), Aran MacRae (Tink), Olly Dobson (u/s Ledoux), Patrick Sullivan (Blake)


BBC Climbed Every Mountain

BBC Climbed Every Mountain : The Story Behind the Sound of Music with English subtitles (MP4-Video)



Belles, belles, belles

Bells, bells, bells

Cast: unbekannt

Весенний Роиан С/ Vesennij Roman S (Konzert)

Весенний Роиан С. Proshot

Cast: Ivan Ozhogin


Benefit concert for Vienna Musical School

28.01.1999 Benefit concert for Vienna Musical School Vienna, Austria (VOB)

Cast: Steve Barton, Pia Douwes, Caroline Vasikec

Quality: D

Including TV reports and interviews + clips of the musical Jekyll & Hyde


Benefit concert for Ingeborg Douwes Stichting

2007 Benefit concert for Ingeborg Douwes Stichting – Eindhoven, Proshot
Cast: Pia Douwes




Cast: Jan Ammann, Janet Marie Chvatal, Norbert Lamla and others

Quality: A +


Best of Musical Tour

11.2004 BEST OF MUSICAL GALA Köln Pro-Shot

Cast: Uwe Kröger, Caroline Fortenbacher, Maricel, Felix Martin, Drew Sarich, Isabel Dörfler, Ana Milva Gomez


11. 2004 Best of Musical Köln, Kölnarena (VOB)

Cast: Drew Sarich, Uwe Kröger, Felix Martin, Jasna Ivir, Carolin Fortenbacher, Maricel, Isabel Dorfer, Sebastian Deyle (Moderation)

Quality: B +

Audience-shot video, includes songs that were cut in the TV broadcast. Shaky, wash-out, heads, but it makes the impression from the show complete. There are some scenes cut from the TV broadcast


2007 BEST OF MUSICAL Tour, Leipzig, 1. Akt

Cast: Unbekannt

Note 2-3


2007 Best of Musical Gala Proshort

Cast: Thomas Borchert, Maike Boerdam, Pia Douwes, Patrick Stanke, Sabrina Weckerlin, Rob Fowler, Gino Emnes, Ana Milva Gomes


2007 BEST OF MUSICAL Tour Köln Proshot, 1. Akt

Cast: Patrick Stanke, Pia Douwes, Rob Fowler, Gino Emnes, Ana Milva Gomes, Maike Boerdam, Thomas Borchert, Sabrina Weckerlin


2010 Best of Musical Frankfurt

Cast: Willemijn Verkaik, Pia Douwes, Ana Milva Gomes, Elisabeth Hübert, Patrick Stanke, Anton Zetterholm, DMJ und Mark Seibert


23.02.2010 Best Of Musicals Dortmund (VOB)

Cast: Willemijn Verkaik, Pia Douwes, Ana Milva Gomes, Anton Zetterholm, Elisabeth Hübert, DMJ, Mark Seibert

24.02.2010 Best of Musical Dortmund (VOB)

Cast: Pia Douwes, Willemijn Verkaik, Ana Milva Gomez, Elisabeth Hübert, Mark Seibert, Patrick Stanke, DMJ, Anton Zetterholm


2012 Best of Musical Tour Stuttgart Rehearsels (MP4-Video)

Cast: Alexander Klwas Pia Douwes Mathieu Boldron DMJ Yngve Gasoy-Romdal Elisabeth Hübert Patricia Meeden Sabrina Weckerlin


01.02.2012 Best Of Musical, Berlin

Cast: Pia Douwes, Patricia Meeden, Sabrina Weckerlin, Elisabeth Hübert, Yngve Gasoy-Romdal, Mathieu Boldron, Alexander Klaws, DMJ

from time to time a bit shaky


05.02.2012 Best of Musical Hamburg Matinée (VOB)

Cast: Pia Douwes, Patricia Meeden, Sabrina Weckerlin, Elisabeth Hübert, Yngve Gasoy-Romdal, Mathieu Boldron, Alexander Klaws, DMJ

Only first Act and a part from the second act (from "Mutter weiß mehr" to "Lady Marmalade") sometimes a bit shaky


11.02.2012 Best of Musical Berlin (VOB)

Cast: Pia Douwes, Patricia Meeden, Sabrina Weckerlin, Elisabeth Hübert, Yngve Gasoy-Romdal, Mathieu Boldron, Alexander Klaws, DMJ

from time to time a bit shaky


02.03.2012 Best of Musical Nürnberg (MP4)

Cast: Alexander Klaws, Mathieu Bold, Yngve Gasay-Romdal, DMJ, Pia Douwes, Elisabeth Hübert, Sabrina Weckerlin, Patricia Meeden


2012 Best of Musical Highlights Pro Short Probe (MP4)

Cast: Pia Douwes, Patricia Meeden, Sabrina Weckerlin, Elisabeth Hübert, Yngve Gasoy-Romdal, Mathieu Boldron, Alexander Klaws, DMJ

from time to time a bit shaky


Best of Vereinigte Bühnen Wien

21.03.2003 Best of Musical (VBW) Vienna/Austria

Cast: Maya Hakvoort, Máté Kamarás, Jesper Tydén, Anne Mandrella, Marjan Shaki

Reasonably clear, albeit somewhat shaky picture, occasionally briefly obstructed by the professional camera crew.  Cuts abruptly at about 55min just before the start of a song but starts up again immediately.  Includes a bunch of extras. The extras have an odd habit of freezing when they end and requiring you to manually skip to the next “chapter.”


26.10.2006 Best of Vereinigte Bühnen Wien

Cast: Lukas Perman, Máté Kamarás, Uwe Kröger, Marjan Shaki, Maya Hakvoort, Wietske Van Togeren, Susan Rigvava-Dumas


Bezauberndes Fräulein

2003 Bezauberndes Fräulein Pro-Shot Wien

Cast: Mark Seibert, Andreas Kammerzelt, Lukas Perman, Jasmin Sakr




23.11.2013 Big Fish Broadway

Cast: Norbert Leo Butz (Edward), Kate Baldwin (Sandra), Bobby Steggert (Will), Zachary Unger (Young Will), Ryan Andes (Karl), Brad Oscar (Calloway), Ciara Renee (The Witch), Kirsten Scott (Jenny Hill)

Notes: The start is a bit shaky, but after that it's a great capture!


Billy Elliot

2005 Billy Elliot London

Cast:  Liam Mower, Brad Kavanagh, Brooke Havana Bailey, Haydn Gwynne, Philip Whitchurch, Chris Lennon, Ann Emery, Alex Delamere, Paul Broughton


2014 Billy Elliot Proshot London

Cast: Unbekannt


Januar 2015 Billy Elliot Scheveningen

Cast: Svenno van Kleij (Billy Elliot), Pia Douwes (Mrs. Wilkinson), Bas Heerkens (Jackie Elliot), Reinier Demeijer (Tony Elliot), Carry Tefsen (Oma), Bas Grevelink (George), Michiel Deddnes, Fleur Hogenboorn (Debbie), Dennis Willekens (Mr. Braithwaite), Loes Worm (Moeder)


BILLY ELLIOT, London West End

Cast: Ruthie Henshall



BLUE MAN GROUP Theater am Potsdamer Platz Full Stage Proshot

Cast: unbekannt


08.2017 Bodygard Köln
Cast: Patricia Meeden (Rachel), Jadran Malkovich (alt. Frank), Jahlisa Nikitser (u/s Nikki), Eddy L. (Fletcher), Dennis LeGree (Billy), Michael Clauder (u/s Sy), Marc Schlapp (u/s Tony), Tom Viehöfer (Stalker), Manuel Rittich (u/s Ray)
Qualität gut teilweise ein Kopf im Bild



27.07.2010 Bonifatius Fulda

Cast:  Ethan Freeman, Sabrina Weckerlin, Dirk Johnston, Christian Schöne, Daniel Dodd-Ellis, Manuela Floryan, Artur Ortens, Karl Grunewald


19.08.2010 Bonifatus Erfurt

Cast: Reinhard Brussmann, Sabrina Weckerlin, Dirk Johnston, Christian Schöne, Daniel Dodd-Ellis, Mara Dorn, Artur Ortens, Karl Grunewald, Steffen Dargatz, André Haedicke, Dietmar Ziegler, Simone Kerchner


Bonnie & Clyde

11.09.2011 Bonnie & Clyde Broadway

Cast: Laura Osnes (Bonnie), Jeremy Jordan (Clyde), Melissa van der Schyff (Blanche), Michael Lanning (Preacher), Claybourne Elder (Buck Barrow), Louis Hobson (Ted),  Joe Hart (Sheriff Schmid), Kelsey Fowler (Young Bonnie), Talon Ackerman (Young Clyde)


09.11.2011 Bonnie & Clyde (VOB)

Cast: Laura Osnes, Jeremy Jordan, Claybourne Elder, Melissa Van Der Schyff, Louis Hobson, Joe Hart, Talon Ackerman, Leslie Becker, Mimi Bessette, Alison Cimmet, Daniel Cooney, Jon Fletcher, Kelsey Fowler, Victor Hernandez, Michael Lanning, Garrett Long, Matt Lutz, Marissa McGowan, Tad Wilson

A short "blackout" towards the end of Act 1 when the idiot in front of me decided to lean totally forward blocking the view for a moment. A


14.11.2009 Bonnie & Clyde La Jolla Playhouse

Cast: Laura Osnes (Bonnie Parker), Stark Sands (Clyde Barrow), Melissa van der Schyff (Blanche Barrow), Claybourne Elder (Buck Barrow), Chris Peluso (Ted), Wayne Duvall (Sheriff), Mare Winningham (Emma Parker), Michael Mulligan (Bud), Michael Lanning (Preacher/Judge)


07.11.2014  Bonnie & Clyde Bielefeld limited trade

Cast: Abla Alaoui (Bonnie Parker), Benedikt Ivo (Clyde Barrow), Udo Eickelmann (Buck Barrow), Navina Heyne (Blanche Barrow), Melanie Kreuter (Emma Parker), Thomas Klotz (Ted Hinton), Maila Traczyk (Cumie Barrow), Ulrich Wiedemann (Henry Barrow), Christina Patten (Young Bonnie), Fabian Kaiser (Young Clyde), Mark Coles (Judge/ priest), Michaela Duhme (Trish), Maria-Lena Hecking (Eleanor), Evelina Quilichini (Stella), Ulrich Alroggen (Deputy Bud Russell, a. o.), Bernhard Niemeyer (Man 1, a. o.), Krzysztof Gornowicz (Mr. McGuire, a. o.), Lutz Laible (Bob Alcorn, a. o.)

Pretty much focussed on Udo Act 1 only!


31.12.2014 Bonnie & Clyde Bielefeld

Cast: Ala Aloui, Udo Eickelmann


Boadway Fesztivál

23.09.2011 Boadway Fesztivál (MP4)

Cast: Dolhai Attila, Füredi Nikolett, Vágó Zsuzsi, Kerényi Miklós Máté-Ringó, Feke Pál, Vágó Bernadett, Csonka András



1954 Brigadoon

Cast: Gene Kelly: Tommy Albright, Van Johnson: Jeff Douglas, Cyd Charisse: Fiona Campbell, Elaine Stewart: Jane Ashton, Barry Jones: Mr. Lundie, Hugh Laing: Harry Beaton, Virginia Bosler: Jean Campbell


Bridges of Madison

09.03.2014 Bridges of Madison County Broadway

Cast: Kelli O'Hara (Francesca), Steven Pasquale (Robert), Hunter Foster (Bud), Michael X. Martin (Charlie), Cass Morgan (Marge), Caitlin Kinnunen (Carolyn), Derek Klena (Michael), Whitney Bashor (Marian/Chiara)

Rating: A

Notes: Some blockage and wandering during the bootleg but overall great bootleg

Broadway Hits

08.03 Хиты Бродвея Санкт-Петербургского театра Музыкальной Комедии Highlights


01.09.2017 Hits Broadway


Broadway Street

Broadway Street Concert (VOB)

Cast: Pia Douwes, Florian Soyka and Jakub Wocial


Brothers in Music
03.02.2018 Brothers in Music Moskau


Bring it On

24.10.2012 Bring it On Broadway

Cast: Taylor Louderman, Adrienne Warren, Ariana DeBose, Jason Gotay, Gregory Haney, Neil Haskell, Janet Krupin, Elle McLemore, Nicolas Womak


Bring it on



Buddy - Die Buddy Holly Story

1994  Buddy - Die Buddy Holly Story Hamburg

Cast: Thomas Dolby,Thomas Borchert, Götz Fuhrmann, Koffi Missah, Stephan, Thomas Bostelmann




2009/2010 Buddy Holly Essen Cast, Germany PROSHOT Full Stage

Cast: Matthias Bollwerk (Buddy Holly), Patrick Stanke (Big Bopper), Myrthes Monteiro (Apollo Girl)

Quality: A-

14.04.2010 Buddy - Die Buddy Holly Story Original Essen Cast

Cast: Dominik Hees, Lewin Blümel, Caron Pomp, Dominik Schwarzer, Patrick Stanke, Vinicius Gomes, Daniel Berger, Malcolm Walgate, Ursula Baumgartner, Birgit Busse, Anastasia Bain, Dionne Wudu, Myrthes Monteiro, Pia Lustenberger, Sinje Schnittker, John Davies


22.05.2010 Buddy Holly Essen

Cast:  Dominik Schwarzer (Buddy Holly), Lewin Blümel (Jerry Allison), Dennis Schigiol (Joe Mauldin), Pedro Reichert (Tommy Allsup), Patrick Stanke (The Big Bopper), Vinicius Gomes (Ritchie Valens), Daniel Berger (Hipockets Duncan), Malcolm Walgate (Norman Petty), Yara Hassan (Maria Elena Santiago), Birgit Busse (Vi Petty), Anastasia Bain, Dionne Wudu, Myrthes Monteiro (Apollo-Sängerinnen), Pia Lustenberger (Peggy Sue u.a.), Sinje Schnittker (Shirley u.a.), John Davies (Murray Deutsch u.a.), Manuel Steinsdörfer, Ursula Baumgartner, Tim Harbusch, Stefan Holzhauer, Thomas Meyer


2010 Buddy Holly - Original Essen Cast PRESS KIT

Cast: Matthias Bollwerk, Vinicius Gomes, Patrick Stanke, Yara Hassan, Anastasia Bain, Myrthes Monteiro, Sidonie Smith

enthält Showausschnitte und einen Szenenzusammenschnitt


Buddy Holly Reloaded

01.06.2015 Buddy Holly Reloaded Imperial Theater (MP3) Mein Master

Cast: Marko Formanek,Hauke Wendt, Falko BurkertTorben Widdermann, Drew Sarich und Fabian Harloff

Nur Stargäste & Rock me Amadeus


By Jeeves

By Jeeves ProShort (MP4)

Cast: unbekannt


2001 By Jeeves TV CAST (VOB)

Cast: John Scherer ("Bertie Wooster") Martin Jarvis ("Jeeves") Donna Lynne Champlin ("Honoria Glossop") James Kall ("Gussie Fink-Nottle") Ian Knauer ("Harold Stinker Pinker") Stiffy Byng ("Emily Loesser") Heath Lamberts ("Sir Watkyn Bassett") Don Stephenson ("Bingo Little") Becky Watson ("Madeleine Bassett") F. Wade Russo ("Ozzie Nutledge")Steve Wilson ("Cyrus Budge III (Junior)")